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We have been in the financial planning business since 2006.

Financial Planning

Successful financial planning are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.


Cash flow management, retirement, investment, financial risk management, insurance, tax & estate planning.


We’re serious about helping your business success in every way. Protect all aspects of your business without breaking the bank.


Medical Aid or Medical Insurance? There is a difference. Make an informed decision on what will suit yourself and your families specific needs.

New Product

More coming soon …

New Product

More coming soon …

How We Work?


Free Consultation

This is where we assess where you currently are and what is required for your specific needs.



We source the correct cover at the best possible price with reputable companies.



Run the required tests and get all the required paper work done.



On an annual basis we assess your current financial position and we adjust accordingly.
Helping you Grow your Business
Protect your business against theft, accidents and any unforeseen events. Business insurance can safeguard you and your company against financial losses. 

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