How to Pay Less on Your Medical Malpractice Insurance with The Required Protection and More Money In Your Pocket

The cost related to Medical Malpractice Insurance has skyrocketed over the last decade in South Africa. To make the situation even worse most Obstetritians / Gynecologists cant afford it anymore. They either stop delivering babies, move to more suitable conditions or stop with the profession entirely.

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Dr. M Greaves

In my case Medical Malpractice Insurance has become ridiculously expensive. I pretty much had one option over the last couple of decades. It’s only recently that more insurers entered the South African market. This finally gave me options. It allowed me to get cover for a lot less with the required support should I have to work my way through a medical case. All In One Brokers gave me the personal touch and this way I don’t have to deal with an overseas insurer. It offers me a local one-stop solution. I can confidently recommend them. Thanks!